Line Editing


Line editing focuses on the most important part of your book—the language, the words that convey your story. Errors in mechanics or awkward sentence structure can take away from the reading experience. Line editing is usually the final step in the editing process, not including a final proofread. A line editor goes through your manuscript, checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and word usage, and  assists with final rewrites. They make sure each sentence is ready for publication and the manuscript has that “high gloss” look so you’re putting your best work out there.

Line editing includes:

Here's a list of questions a line editor asks during the editing process:

*Proofreading is only included in our line editing service. You can ask for a proofread to be added to any service you purchase at an additional cost of .002 cents a word.   Line editing is the final stage in the editing process and many authors do not realize after editing has been completed, a proofread must be done. Every manuscript should have a final read-through done before publishing and after formatting.